Why Alethea?

{a-LAY-thee-uh} – noun – from the Greek word meaning “truth”

It may seem unusual to speak so prominently of truth when introducing an investment management and research firm. But it was the historical absence of truth in the institutional financial world that was the driving force behind the founding of Alethea Capital Management, LLC. As financial experts with a proven track record of success, our foundation in economic theory is merged with a thorough knowledge of investment cycles.

We know that performance does not have to come at the expense of fiduciary responsibility and that transparency and success are not mutually exclusive. Therefore, we have set a new course of our own design, rooted in efficiency, favoring ingenuity, and engaging a unique investing perspective driven by proprietary indicators. By observing that most investors approach the market the same way, achieving similar results, we identify opportunities to leverage unconventional strategies to produce superior returns.

The mission of Alethea is simple — to provide the highest level of service and performance to our clients with honesty, integrity and transparency.